Low-temperature Raman microscope

CryoRaman from Montana Instruments

Based on the Cryostation s100, Montana Instruments offers a fully automated Raman microscope for cryogen temperatures. The system covers a large temperature range from 4K to 600K and does not require liquid helium for cooling. In addition to easy optical access with a 0.75 NA objective, the sample can also be contacted electrically. The CryoRaman system is optimized for high collection efficiency and throughput. As such, it is the perfect, fully automated and controlled environment for material characterization.

4K – 350K (600K optionally) temperature range
30 sec. temperature stability with ATSM for up to 50K steps
Wave number resolution 0,8cm-1 (IsoPlane) and 3cm-1 (Fergie)
3 µm Raman beam diameter

The following measurement techniques are available

  • Raman microscopy and imaging
  • Photoluminescence spectroscopy and imaging
  • Absorption spectroscopy
  • Electro transport and photoelectric transport



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